This is the moment I’ve been training for over the past four and a half months.  The Brooklyn Half-Marathon was moved from its original date to Saturday, May 3, at 9am.  Come out and cheer with signs, and crazy costumes to keep me going.  I will need all the friendly faces I can see to charge me up.  Let me know if you plan on coming so we can arrange where I’ll spot you…I learned from watching my brother run the NY Marathon, that in order to be seen, your sign needs to be HUGE, colorful and out in front. Shout my name as loud as you can.  Here’s to hoping I run the half in under 1:50:00!!!

 PS- your support is ultra-critical, because I plan on riding in the 5 borough bike race around NYC, which is about 40 miles. It’ll be a biathlon weekend…and then some much needed rest…hopefully.

Map: (The best chance of seeing each other is near the finish line in Prospect Park)