Van Jones’ book is out on shelves and making lots of much-needed noise about green jobs.  Nick Magel featured Van’s book, “The Green Collar Economy,” on his blog and makes a compelling case for why you should go out and buy a copy!

The book is timely – in light of the fragile state of the U.S. economy – and cogent, laying out in clear and convincing terms how all levels of collective engagement must begin to forge an inclusive, sustainable, green movement based on high quality jobs that are good for the environment.  This is the new calling for all Americans, particularly those left out of the gray economy.


Van recently wrote on the Huffington Post that we must seize this opportunity to bailout the American worker, family, and community.  It is time to call our workers to duty, to get started on retrofitting our buildings, greening our communities, weatherizing our homes, and building environmentally sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy projects.  For less than the cost of last week’s Wall St. bailout, we could begin the hard work of growing our economy in terms that are good for people’s wallets and our environment (health as well).