I felt a nostalgic feeling typing the URL to this blog into firefox – bringing back fond and exciting memories from my time on the road, my adventures with “the Red Lady” (which now resides in my office kitchen, at Namaste Solar and is named “In Flagrante Delicto”), and my one-way journey to Colorado in May 2009.  Well, it’s now April 2011, nearly two years after I arrived in the Rocky Mountain state and a lot has happened to/for me in that time.

1. I have traveled extensively through and around Colorado, sharing my life and backyard with many new and old friends;

2. I adopted dear Siena T. Pup from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. I adopted her as an 8-week old pup, and she’s now a nearly 2-year old adolescent Lab/Pointer mix.

3. I met, dated, courted and am now engaged to a wonderful, loving, platinum-hearted, beautiful, smart girl, Meghan.  I’ll save the story of our meeting and courtship for later posts. This will be the teaser;

4.  Meghan, Dharma (her dog), Siena and I all moved in together in May 2010 to a rental house with 2 nice sized yards near a lake;

5.  I have settled into my new job as a fancy lawyer of a solar company;

6. I earned my stripes as a bona fide, licensed Colorado attorney;

7. And I convinced my younger brother to move out from NYC to Boulder to pursue the promise of cleaner and more balanced living.

I’m reviving this blog as a way of re-connecting.  Re-c0nnecting with the people this blog has entertained, with my self-identity, my passions, my story and with the threads that have woven a life I’m proud and fortunate to live.